Partnership and teambuilding essentials

uZoo provides the essential people know how for building prosperous partnerships and high performance teams. Discover how to get the right character combinations, who fits together and who does not. Find out why certain people always oppose each other and why others work well together and prosper.

uZoo system

uZoo depicts the 12 archetypal characters with the animal signs used and documented for over 4600 yrs by Chinese teambuilders and matchmakers. This invaluable knowledge enables you with unerring foresight about how people will perform together in a partnership or team.

4 groups

Our 12 archetypal characters are divided into 4 main groups. The characters in each group possess the same core attributes which determine how one will act. The most prosperous partnerships and teams will possess a balanced blend of characters drawn from all four of these groups.

12 characters

Each archetypal character is depicted by an animal sign with it's own preferences, drives and dislikes. Animal signs are attributed to the year, hour and month of birth, each has it's most complimentary or compatible animal partner and subsequently the opposing or least desirable partner.

Character finder

Take a couple of minutes and use our character finder to discover which animal signs are inhabiting your own Zoo. This basic first step of the uZoo system will deliver many personal insights into your behaviors and motivating factors.